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Lewmar 185 Tunnel Thruster 591807


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Product Information

Tunnel Thruster


185TT 4.0R
HP 5.4, 4.0 KW
Thrust 143 lbs.
Gear Box Bronze
Volts 12
Tunnell Sixe 7 9/32"
For Boats up to 40 Feet
Manoeuvring around the dock area can be difficult, but Lewmar's TT Thrusters make docking simple. The revolutionary design of the TT propeller, the latest in Lewmar's long history of custom thruster solutions, achieves perfectly even thrust in both direction for maximum control and manoeuvrability. All Lewmar Thrusters have been extensively tested, resulting in a smooth, efficient and quiet performance that will have you docking like a pro in no time.

Take Control. Enjoy your boating. Fit a Lewmar Thruster
As marinas get smaller and berths get tighter, safely docking a boat is more challenging than ever. Thrusters give you total control of your boat and allow you to manoeuvre into and out of tight spots with ease
Some good reasons why thrusters improve your boating
Docking your boat is easy; it makes you look like a professional skipper
Boating is meant to be fun. Why end your day or week on the water with a stressful experience?
A thruster offers the help you need to be in full control when docking and departing regardless of wind conditions and currents
Short of crew? A thruster makes you less dependent on having a skilled crew. The independence a thruster provides will allow you to use your boat whenever you want, whether alone or with others
Every boat can benefit from having a thruster installed
Choosing the right Lewmar thruster for your boat.
Today most yachts or motorboats over 45 feet have a bow thruster fitted as standard. The thruster will usually meet the expectations of most customers when using the boat under normal weather conditions. The sizes used by boat builders will vary depending on the boat's intended usage and price level. In today's production boat's of around 45-50, the typical thruster will push the boats bow against a direct side wind of 20-22 knots


For boat owners who use their boats in more demanding conditions or have a strong current in their local marina, Lewmar can offer upgrades to a higher performance thruster. However, few pleasure craft need a thruster that can push the bow against a direct side wind of more than 25 knots 

The boat's wind area, the lateral wind draft area and the thruster's tunnel position in the hull determine the thruster's performance on a boat. By knowing these factors we can calculate the wind pressure on the boat and the centre point of this wind pressure. However the wind pressure is seldom from right angles and many boat superstructures are quite streamlined so we can reduce the factor slightly. From these calculations we can determine what thrust is needed to counter the wind pressure with the given thruster positionTo gain total control of your boat in combination with a bow thruster the solution is to install a stern thruster, leaving the main engines to propel the boat forward and backward as they were intended
No reservoir to install, no leaks and no maintenance
High performance 5 blade propellers give equal thrust in both directions
High integrity seal
Spline driven propeller, no drive pin required
Black box electronics prevents misuse and protects motor
Hardened and ground spiral bevel gear for maximum efficiency and quiet power transmission
Self resetting thermal protection on all motors
Choice of Joystick or Touch Panel controls
Easy plug together switch connections
Minimum silhouette hub for smooth water flow
New composite Motor gearbox
Sleek hydrodynamic design
Thick strong sections over stainless steel body
Same installation method
Same cassette seal meaning maintenance free
No need for an anode

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Product Code: 239-591807

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