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Motorguide VRS


Revolutionary Steering and Boat Control with VRS

Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) technology is designed to give you maximum control. VRS Steering gearThe difference is a unique elliptical cam that delivers two distinct types of steering actions, which is determined by the direction of the motor.

For example, when the boat is moving forward (in the Primary Angling Zone) the steering is deliberate, and enables precise and subtle adjustments. This exceptional maneuverability is ideal for fishing those hiding spots, and working brush and other cover. However, when you need to make a quick turn to avoid obstacles in the water, the motor will respond by turning much faster.

VRS technology also virtually eliminates the effects of torque steering feedback, so anglers benefit from a more predictable steering response, improved boat stability, and better overall control.

Want to experience VRS? Try our all-new X5 Trolling Motor, available only from MotorGuide.

Turn Speed

The motor direction determines steering “ratio” and response. In the primary angling zone, a higher ratio provides deliberate and precise steering. As the motor moves toward 90 degrees, a lower ratio delivers higher speed steering.     The elliptical cam causes the turn speed to increase at a variable rate even if the foot pedal pressure is applied uniformly. Turn speed is slow in front of the boat and faster when making evasive left or right turns.




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